Ask your MP to back the Local Electricity Bill

Please send a message to your MP asking them to put their name to the Local Electricity Bill. You can use the form on this page to send an email to your MP, but it’s even better to write a letter to them. You can find the address of your MP here.

When writing your message please consider the following points:

  1. Be polite and to-the-point. Do not be rude or discourteous.
  2. Only write to your MP, not any other MP.

The service that you’ll be clicking through to will block identical messages from being sent so it is very important that you PLEASE USE YOUR OWN WORDS. As guidance, here are points you can make when writing your message:

  • Say that you are supporting the campaign for the Local Electricity Bill
  • Say that you think the Bill is great because it would boost community-scale clean energy and mean local people could be customers of local renewable generators
  • Ask your MP to please support the Bill – you can direct them to this page: powerforpeople.org.uk/mp-sign-up-leb
  • Put your full address, so that your MP knows that you are a constituent