About Us

We are a new organisation campaigning for the UK to transition to an economy that runs on clean energy and for that transition to benefit local communities.

We run grass-roots mobilisation campaigns – we engage and involve citizens and local communities and call on them to lobby their elected representatives for changes in the law or in government policy.

We are a not-for-profit organisation registered in the UK. Our funding comes from individuals and UK registered trusts. We were established in August 2017.

Below: An example of the sort of thing that creates campaign success. This was a packed public meeting in Bridport, Dorset on 2nd February 2006 to discuss the Sustainable Communities Bill during the national campaign for it. Steve Shaw, our Campaigns Director, organised this and many similar meetings.

Our Team

Steve Shaw
Director of Campaigns

Before founding Power for People, Steve ran Local Works and organised its grass-roots mobilisation campaign that saw the Sustainable Communities Act made law. He also worked in a similar role at Friends of the Earth on the campaign for the Climate Change Act.

Ron Bailey
Director of Parliamentary Strategy

Ron has run campaigns that have achieved over 25 successful legislative changes including the Energy Conservation Act, the Warm Homes Act and the Sustainable Energy Act.


Martyn Williams
Director of Political Strategy

Martyn worked for over ten years at Friends of the Earth where he ran the campaigns for the Climate Change Act and the Doorstep Recycling Act.