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Power for People is a not-for-profit organisation, campaigning for the UK to rapidly transition to 100% clean energy and for local communities to benefit from this great transition.

We run grass-roots mobilisation campaigns, engaging and involving citizens and local communities and calling on them to lobby their elected representatives for changes in the law or in government policy. You can read about our current campaigns HERE.

Power for People was founded in 2017 and we are entirely funded by UK registered trusts and the generous donations of individuals.

Read Steve’s founding article: ‘Why I Started Power for People’




Steve Shaw


Before founding Power for People, Steve worked on a number of environmental campaigns including the campaign for the Climate Change Act and running the campaign for the Sustainable Communities Act.


Martyn Williams

Political Strategy

Martyn worked for over ten years at Friends of the Earth where he ran many successful campaigns including those for the Climate Change Act and the Doorstep Recycling Act.


Ron Bailey

Parliamentary Strategy

Ron has run campaigns that have achieved over 25 successful legislative changes including the Energy Conservation Act, the Warm Homes Act and the Sustainable Energy Act. [Photo credit: Mallen Baker]

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Flossie Boyd

Senior Campaigner

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Michael Spencer

Communications Manager

Power for People is proud to be a Climate Perks pioneer. That means we offer paid journey days to empower staff to travel on holiday by land or sea instead of flying. Find out more at www.climateperks.com.


We need you! Our campaigns will only succeed if many people get involved and take action. It’s all about strength in numbers and working together to achieve a common goal. We know this works because of the many successful campaigns for environmental and social change that have been won through mass grass-roots action.

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