Urge your MP to promote the Local Electricity Bill

We are facilitating Virtual Visits between constituents and their MPs to encourage as many MPs as possible to back and promote the Local Electricity Bill. MPs can state their support for the Bill – we now have over 200 who have done so. There is also much more that they can do to help promote it in Parliament and ensure it becomes law. Please help the campaign by organising a Virtual Visit with your MP.

A quick reminder: Power for People is campaigning for a rapid transition to 100% clean energy that benefits local communities. Our Local Electricity Bill, if made law, would empower community energy groups across the country to sell their clean energy directly to local people, thereby strengthening local economies and tackling climate change simultaneously. Please visit our campaign page to find out more.

Our experienced campaigners will support and guide you through the process of organising a Virtual Visit with your MP or help you join one being organised by others in your constituency. We will also provide a briefing to ensure that you feel confident and prepared for your visit. If you wish we can also talk with you on the phone before the meeting.

Remember, MPs are elected to represent the interests of their constituency so it’s important that we engage them and let them know our thoughts. This is one of the most impactful actions that can be taken to address the climate crisis.

Please fill out the form to register your interest in a Virtual Visit.

If you tick yes, we may connect you with other supporters from your constituency so that you can have an online meeting with your MP together.