The Local Electricity Bill’s House of Commons Reintroduction

June 12, 2020
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June 12, 2020 Michael Spencer

Our campaign for the Local Electricity Bill achieved a major milestone this week. On Wednesday 10th June Peter Aldous MP, along with 11 cross-party co-sponsoring MPs, reintroduced the Bill in the House of Commons. Peter made a rousing ten-minute speech outlining the Bill’s aims and benefits. No MP chose to vote against the Bill, which means that it passed its ‘First Reading’ (the first stage Bills must pass) and was formally introduced into Parliament.

In the last month, the number of MPs supporting the Bill has shot up to 182. This rapid growth is thanks to our supporters who spread the word and wrote to their local MP. Writing to your MP works!

What happens next?

We need to bring more MPs on board in support of the Bill and to get supportive MPs to do more to promote it in Parliament. We will continue to build on our promising levels of support both in Parliament and throughout the UK. In order for the Bill to pass through Parliament and be made law, we will need more than double the number of MPs that currently support it.

This week we took another strong step towards winning the campaign. Thank you if you took action. Together we can transform things.